V&V Sunflower Seed Mylk

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This eco friendly mylk concentrate is made with 100% stone ground raw Sunflower Seeds The 8.5 oz bottle makes up to 4 liters of Sunflower Seed Mylk and is made in New Zealand.

1 tablespoon of V&V Sunflower Seed Mylk Concentrate added with 1 cup (250 ml) water and blend , shake in a jar or foam with a steam wand. It is perfect to add to coffees or smoothies. You can use the concentrate in dressings, marinades as well as a substitute for nut butters in baked goods. It's perfect in nice cream too.

It contains no nasty ingredients or preservatives and is full of nutrients derived from sunflower seeds. Ideal for a plant based focused diet and the recipe ideas are endless.

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