Pic's Peanut Butter - Smooth - No Salt

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Pic's Peanut Butter Smooth No Salt is one smooth operator. It does all the things that Smooth with Salt does but with only 1 ingredient and that is freshly roasted Hi- Oleic peanuts. Squished and squished and smooth as can be. It's all natural and like all the other Pic's Peanut Butter's is best enjoyed when a rigorous stir is done when first opened.

Like all the others it is Non- GMO verified too!

FEB PROMO when a min of 4 jars are purchased at one time-15% off total which works out to $8.72 a jar - any combo smooth- crunchy- smooth no salt - crunchy no salt Max 8 jars.


Promo ends Feb 28th, 2021

Ingredients: Fresh Roasted Peanuts