About Us

Kia Ora from New Zealand

I moved to New Zealand from Southern California 10 years ago and instantly fell in love with this beautiful country. It was from this love of New Zealand and the products I found here that the concept of this discerning marketplace was created.

Love from New Zealand's purpose is simple; to share the special goods from New Zealand with you. We connect people who are looking for great New Zealand products in the USA to the makers who are growing, harvesting and producing them. 
Timing is everything and yes, we are launching during a time when it is particularly difficult to connect. The need to connect, however has never been greater, which makes this the perfect time.

Love from New Zealand provides you with fabulous finds from New Zealand. Shopping with us is like a hug for your senses. Indulge in a "mini-getaway" through videos and interviews highlighting where the products are made.

We are starting small and plan to grow as we go, by providing you with a comprehensive range of artisan products. We are starting with some of our favorites (in fact some of these brands we have worked with for nearly 9 years) and will be looking for your suggestions as to what we feature next.
Discover new products, support small businesses, and have fun in the process! 

Enjoy the experience,
Linda McWilliam
Chief Product Finder
Bailey McWilliam
"Pup"blicity Manager

Linda McWilliam, Love from New Zeland, Mount Maunganui


All products carried on our site meet the following criteria:

Sourced Ethically
It matters to us that we know where every ingredient in each product comes originates.
All of our makers can trace the origins of their ingredients, ensuring they are ethically sourced from local producers. 

Distinctive Quality
We don't believe in just "OK" products. Our offerings have been carefully selected and we stand behind every product with pride. We love the brands we work with, and know you will too. 

Sustainable Production
It's no secret. We love New Zealand. It's important to us that we know the products on our site are sustainably made for both people and planet. We make sure that the brands we work with are good stewards of the land and resources.

Created in New Zealand
Support small business and create meaningful impact. Each and every product is made in New Zealand by small companies with big ambitions. Help us to help them achieve their dreams.