Kiwi Artisan Co. New Zealand Black Truffle Olive Oil

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This tantalizing olive oil is crafted in New Zealand using Bay of Plenty Black Truffles. It is made in small batches and contains truffle shavings in each bottle. The first press oil from olives grown in the Bombay Hills, just south of Auckland,  which infuses with the truffle extract and shavings and creates this perfectly balanced delicacy.

There are so many ways to incorporate this rich, and earthy New Zealand Black Truffle Oil. Try adding it to any of your favorite pasta dishes, drizzle it over any flatbread pizzas, get crazy by adding it to fries for truffle fries or incorporate it into any of your favorite salads. This also makes a spectacular dipping oil for any platter. We love the sophistication of this oil when served chunks of French Bread.