Brand Origins Story - Heilala Vanilla

Heilala Vanilla, Love from New Zealand

Heilala Vanilla

Heilala Vanilla’s origin began in 2002 as an aid project founded by New Zealander, John Ross, and his family.

The Kingdom of Tonga had been ravaged by Cyclone Waka, leaving the Islands and its people shattered in the wake of an exceptionally vicious natural disaster.

Partnering with a local family in the village of Utungake, they established a small vanilla plantation that robustly grew into the now world-renowned humanitarian vanilla brand, Heilala Vanilla.

Heilala Vanilla Comes Straight from The Source

Grown on rich, Pacific soil and dried under the Polynesian sun, the world’s best vanilla is an all-natural product from a perfect climate.

With a highly scientific, unrefined process (cold-pressed, slow-extract), and an artisan work culture of hard-working local farmers and their families, Heilala Vanilla is innovating Vanilla products and production.

Many will know orchids can be a delicate, fickle flower, but few realise that Vanilla is a genus of the very same plant. The vanilla beans can take 3 to 5 years to grow. Our farmers are dedicated craftsmen, carefully tending to each plant with in-depth wisdom, love and expertise.

We have been in love with Heilala Vanilla's products since early 2012.



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